Class Valentines 2012

Since Beau has been in “school” and had Valentine’s Day parties, I’ve made it my mission to avoid the stereotypical store-bought Valentines for him to give out to his classmates.  So far, he’s had two parties and so far I’ve managed to come up with hand-made cards twice! Last year I made them with my MemoryMixer program and this year……..well, you’ll see. So far, so good.

I saw this idea in a card maker email….to give each child a non-colored Valentine with a baggy of new crayons attached so they can color their own card. I took it a step farther and made heart-shaped, recycled crayons to go with Beau’s.


I started by printing these cards from my computer and gluing them onto plain black construction paper.


Then I gathered all the remnant crayons I could find, removed the paper and broke them into small bits. I put them in these heart-shaped muffin pans about half an inch deep.


I baked them in a 250 degree oven for 12 to 15 minutes - until they were melted.


See? Melted. On a side note - beware the smell!


From there, I put them in the freezer for a little while to cool and harden.


Once they were cooled and hardened, I popped them out (this was really easy due to my muffin pans being silicone. I'm sure metal would have been a bit trickier!).


I punched two holes in the corner of each and inserted a twist-tie.


I used the twist-ties to attach a heart crayon in a cellophane bag to each card.



Viola! Color-Your-Own-Valentine cards! Fun!


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