Presenting Beau & Friends…..

This evening was the semi-annual 3-year-old parent meeting. We were thoroughly entertained by Beau and his classmates. Here’s a little taste of the blossoming stardom we were witness to tonight……..


The Grand Entrance...If I'm not mistaken, the little girl in front of him is Victoria. She's his girlfriend, or so I'm told.


Lets get this party started!


The full cast and crew.


He's very sticker-motivated!


I see red…..

I’ve had some serious root action going on with my hair lately. I bought a box of color a while ago but just haven’t had a chance to use it. It’s a L’Oreal color (7G medium golden blonde) that I’ve used before, except I usually use L’Oreal Preference in 7G and this time I tried L’Oreal Excellence Creme in 7G. Here’s the result…..

IT IS RED! Or reddish anyway. Not that I have anything against redheads, my sister is a very beautiful natural redhead. But I’m a blonde……and now I’m a bummed blonde. What shall I do to rectify the most upsetting of travesties!






How cute is my new Scentsy warmer?!? If I had a little girl and if her room was just like a puffy, sparkly pink cloud, I would put it on her nightstand and send her to dreamland every night with the soft scent of lavender.

If I had a sweet little bakery called “The Cupcake & I….” and if all I did all day was bake sweet treats, I’d put it right next to the cash register and woo my customers away from the very last bit of their self control with the enticing aroma of fresh baked, homemade sugar cookies.

Alas, I have neither a little girl nor a bakery. Therefore, I shall put it on my teacher’s desk and enjoy its charm as I impart gems of wisdom to Mesquite’s finest teenagers and breathe in the soothing scent of Spiced Honey Pears.



because we did the Fall Festi-Ville thing at church last night, Tad and I were planning to just stay in tonight and hand our candy to our trick-or-treaters.  I really played up the who “pass out candy to the other kids” thing to Beau and had him really pumped about it until the first few groups came to our door and Beau realized that we were giving away our candy.  He declared that he, too, must Trick-or-treat!  He decided he wanted to wear the Spiderman costume that Rose gave him with his Spiderman boots. I tried very hard to get him to add the Spiderman cape to his ensemble, but alas, he would not.  He did insist, however, that I wear it.  We only went about halfway up the street and back but he really enjoyed it.  He cracked me up so much!  after about the third house, he walked away from the door with this huge grin on his face.  I think it finally dawned on him that all you have to do is knock on the door and you get free stuff!  AWESOME 🙂


The smug gansta look.


And we're walking and walking...... (Spidergirl says there's nothing like a head-on shot of your ass to keep you out of Spiderman's Halloween candy!)


House number one. He's off to a good start!


He's starting to realize how awesome this is!


"Mommy, does that witch live here? But why, why does she live here, why is she wearing that hat?, Why does she have free (three) punkins?


Spidey and Agent P...... the neighborhood is SAFE!


Look at that face! He's gonna want to do this every night!


I see some sugar-induced chaos in our future.

Once we got home, Beau’s primary focus was on making sure all the “chindrin” got candy. He kept wanting to open the door and make sure there weren’t any kids waiting for their candy. I finally sat outside with him in our rocking chairs for about 15 minutes then called it quits around 8:30. I think another Halloween fan has been born!

For the record…..

Eight weeks ago this was the “really should be wearing size 24 jeans but squeezing into 22s” version of me. Not pretty!

After eight weeks of hard work, this is the “size 20 jeans zip and I can still breathe!” version of me…….minus 30 pounds, give or take.

I know I still have a LONG way to go but, hey, it’s a start!