How cute is my new Scentsy warmer?!? If I had a little girl and if her room was just like a puffy, sparkly pink cloud, I would put it on her nightstand and send her to dreamland every night with the soft scent of lavender.

If I had a sweet little bakery called “The Cupcake & I….” and if all I did all day was bake sweet treats, I’d put it right next to the cash register and woo my customers away from the very last bit of their self control with the enticing aroma of fresh baked, homemade sugar cookies.

Alas, I have neither a little girl nor a bakery. Therefore, I shall put it on my teacher’s desk and enjoy its charm as I impart gems of wisdom to Mesquite’s finest teenagers and breathe in the soothing scent of Spiced Honey Pears.