Beau and the MLBC Preschool Choir

Getting ready to sing.

Getting ready to sing.



Forney Hometown Christmas Parade

The Rogers kids and Beau, waiting for the parade to start.

The Rogers kids and Beau, waiting for the parade to start.

He's getting excited!

He’s getting excited!

Beau and Mom, waiting for the parade.

Beau and Mom, waiting for the parade.



"I saw Spiderman!"

“I saw Spiderman!”

Waving and waving and waving......

Waving and waving and waving……



Ninja Turles give blue candy canes.

Ninja Turles give blue candy canes.

"I see Santa!"

“I see Santa!”

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Unbeatable Betsy! – Kelly’s Korner Singles

Thanks, Kelly of Kelly’s Korner Blog, for giving us the chance to show off our singles!

Meet Betsy! She is my younger sister of 36 years and my best friend (for almost as long). Not only is she a knock-out, but she shines from the inside with her love for Christ!

Betsy is a Baylor Grad and taught high school Speech and Debate in the DFW area. She then earned her Master’s degree in school counseling and took a job as an elementary school counselor in the Tyler area. She’s been living and working there since June of last year.

Betsy’s social life is filled with friends, family and service to others. She was actively involved in her church’s music and singles ministries in DFW and is searching for a church home where she can serve in those areas again.

She grew up in a loving, christian home surrounded by a family who set the example of loving and serving Christ.

Betsy also likes to travel, go to movies, play board games, cook, craft, decorate and in general be very fabulous!

And she cleans up pretty good, too! ;0) Basically, we LOVE Betsy and I know all y’all will, too!

If you are interested in learning more about Betsy, or want to get to know her, leave a comment about this post on my blog with your contact info and a little about you or your super single guy!

Forney Tornado 4-3-12

These are some photos taken in the Diamond Creek subdivision in Forney.  The worst of the damage occurred approximately 0.6 miles from our house.  It gives me chills to think how close the tornado came to us. We are truly blessed and are prayerfully lifting up our neighbors who are struggling to rebuild their lives and homes.

tornado 02
tornado 03
tornado 04
tornado 05
tornado 07
tornado 08
tornado 09
tornado 10
tornado 11
tornado 12
tornado 14
tornado 15
tornado 16

Class Valentines 2012

Since Beau has been in “school” and had Valentine’s Day parties, I’ve made it my mission to avoid the stereotypical store-bought Valentines for him to give out to his classmates.  So far, he’s had two parties and so far I’ve managed to come up with hand-made cards twice! Last year I made them with my MemoryMixer program and this year……..well, you’ll see. So far, so good.

I saw this idea in a card maker email….to give each child a non-colored Valentine with a baggy of new crayons attached so they can color their own card. I took it a step farther and made heart-shaped, recycled crayons to go with Beau’s.


I started by printing these cards from my computer and gluing them onto plain black construction paper.


Then I gathered all the remnant crayons I could find, removed the paper and broke them into small bits. I put them in these heart-shaped muffin pans about half an inch deep.


I baked them in a 250 degree oven for 12 to 15 minutes - until they were melted.


See? Melted. On a side note - beware the smell!


From there, I put them in the freezer for a little while to cool and harden.


Once they were cooled and hardened, I popped them out (this was really easy due to my muffin pans being silicone. I'm sure metal would have been a bit trickier!).


I punched two holes in the corner of each and inserted a twist-tie.


I used the twist-ties to attach a heart crayon in a cellophane bag to each card.



Viola! Color-Your-Own-Valentine cards! Fun!